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I have found the portal, I have found my connection, I have found Jeremiah.
He was never lost, It was I who was lost.  "I've been lost but now am found..."
I still myself & listen to my heart,

He is here in my heart,
I feel him & the butterflies come every time, Yes, Yes! I can have butterflies in my heart!

I have searched so long, Seven years and many hopes left with a Medium,
Some successful, yes, but never the connection I longed for.
The connection of finding my way back to him, The way I had him before.  And now you are here!  And our Connection so much more than ever before!  Your love is overwhelming, Your excitement in our journey, my journey, is contagious!
You beam a smile I feel so deep, An ear to ear grin, Your love so great!

How can I possibly portray this feeling to another, Words cannot describe the joy in my heart.
You are here on this journey with me, Rejoicing in every lesson learned.

I love your enthusiasm, & just now, just now ... "Oh Mamma"!  You send me these lyrics
As Nozuka bellows out "Oh Mamma"
Tears form in my eyes, Tears of rejoicing, the day has come that I have risen from
the cloud of grief, And I shine brighter than ever before with your light joining in with mine.

You have been here all along but I refused to look, I refused to feel.
Clinging so tightly to the memory of the body you once wore.
And here you are now calling Oh Mamma, I hear you now, I feel you now,
And I bask in your Love that surrounds me now.

Praise be to God, Jeremiah!  I have Risen with an abundance of love in my heart
and the Power of you by my side!

Amber - September 2009